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Iconic Australian Designer & Model With an incredible smile, insatiable intellect and an iconic eye for timeless chic designs, Maddy May is the fairy godmother of Australian style. Maddy May is a maven behind some of the most famous designs on Australian red carpet. As a model, you will find Maddy splashed across international publications, prestige brands and social influencer campaigns. As a leading Australian stylist and designer, Maddy has an iconic eye for ensembles which turn polished individuals, into leading runway stars. Maddy is the founder and creative director of Soul Work & Co, an Australian-first sartorial of bespoke spiritual lingerie and jewellery. Customers digitally personalise fully versatile garments in tandem with their individual chakras and crystal collectives. In the social domain, Maddy is an agent for change in the empowerment of youth, in a world unseemly more complicated, in this uncertain era of time. Its Maddy's desire to mentor and coach emerging talent and entrepreneurs, is what makes this stylist a true vanguard in the Australian fashion landscape.

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