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I can help you with all aspects of your garden. • Gardening and maintenance • General planting • Edible gardens • Veggie patches • Fully automated Irrigation • Crazy paving • Landscaping My specialty is helping people create rustic, interesting gardens using any combination of plantings that you like and that work for your climate and soil type. I love using natives to attract birdlife and creating attractive spaces with little requirement for water but am equally experienced and willing to install full water systems to reduce the amount of time you need to spend caring for your garden. My preference is working with homeowners to create sustainable gardens that embrace organics and have a goal of balance and harmony. I don't use pesticides because I like to work with nature. I will help you with appropriately matched plantings so that you can best utilize the various areas in your garden in respect of sun, moisture, light and shade. I'm happy to accept Qoin for my labour and AUD for materials. Michael Gueron 0488 011 189

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