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WHAT WE DO Cleaning Interior & Exterior Our focus is to Brighten up your life! R & D Property Groomers use good safe cleaning products to softwash clean properties. Moss & kill spray Brightening up roofs is important to save gutter & roof deterioration. Our company is focussed on great results which can take time & are worth the investment. Lawn mowing To beautify your lawn there are two options First option: have your lawns mowed by us & we can take away your lawn clippings Second option: have your lawns mowed by us & we can mulch your lawn clippings leaving the mowed lawns clippings on site. Property cleaning We enjoy making properties look beautiful R & D Property Groomers can clean up excess rubbish on sections. Cleaning pathways We love the results on our clients pathways We can get rid of the weeds that come up between the cobbles on your pathways & clean up moss that can grow on pathways making slippery & unsafe conditions Garden Grooming We are proud to be able to achieve a lot with our landscaping skills at your properties outdoor space to make a beautiful environment to brighten your life. Property Maintenance Our team can do a variety of jobs around your property. Painting Jobs Our team has experience in painting & look forward to Brightening up your property. Gutter Cleaning R & D Property Groomers enjoy creating results by cleaning out your gutters Please don't hesitate to Call us for a free quote. R & D Property Groomers thank you for your support & look forward to working with you in the near future. Brightening up your life is what our team enjoys the most.

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