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USH Turf & Landscaping is an Australian owned company established in Brisbane, Queensland. USH aims to provide outstanding commercial grade products and installation with unrivalled services that will deliver the highest return for our customers. Our Products: ** Landscape - The possibilities for artificial grass are countless. It is not only the perfect solution in situations where natural grass would need extra special care to grow, but also for creative purposes! In addition, when you own a holiday home, artificial grass will be the perfect solution for you. Besides, you will save more time while on holiday and doing what you like. Our USH turf is the latest generation product by using the most advanced technology with PE monofilament and 3 layers backing system to enhance overall experience and ensure minimum 8 years for end user. Our products consist of up to 24 stitches which provide overall 25,200 turfs for each square meter. This provides extremely comfortable feel and extra protection compare to solid ground or any other products. ** Fencing - Have you even been struggling of choosing between solid and ecofriendly fence? Or, between natural and feature looking fence? USH will introduce the Fence and Feature Wall product range which can help provide locals with both options at the same time. Our super nature and eye-friendly products could be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Our Grass Range: ** Byron Bungalow ** Kirribilli Club ** Hamilton Green Acceptance of Qoin: We can accept Qoin up to 50% of the project value (balance is required in cash to cover cost of goods), subject to an appointment/consultation. To book your appointment/consultation: Call 1 800 592 200 or send an email to:

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